Sunday, March 1, 2009

RRRRRoll up the rim

Okay someone out there is winning and it's not me. Sure would be sweet to win a car, our vehicle lease is almost up and the timing would just be perfect. $10000 could sure pay down some debt, I could handle that. Oh, who am I kidding, I would get excited to win a ding dong donut for crying out loud! Funny thing is, I normally don't drink this much coffee, but when rrrrroll up the rim comes around every year, my intake skyrockets. So what are the odds? Right now I'm at about 0:20 since it started.


  1. The closest timmy's to me is about 20 miles. So I enter give aways on blogs and have actually won a few. I was on a roll for a while and son #2 convinced my to buy a lotto ticket - didn't win that though. Guess I'll stick to small prizes. It's always fun to dream though.

  2. You are absolutely right... $10000 would take care of a lot of things... Dreaming right along with you.

  3. I could really use that $10,000 too. Lord I would have to worry about much for awhile...My Husband keeps talking about the Lottery one day..I remind him we have to buy a ticket for that to happen...All he says is "Oh ya Right." I think we are just doomed to work like most everyone else. Not a bad thing....Will keep my fingers crossed for you....