Saturday, March 21, 2009

Another Tournament under his belt.

Ben competed in another karate tournament after having a couple weeks off. He came back stronger than ever. He brought home four more trophies to add to his collection. He won 1st in Individual Forms, 1st in Team forms, and 1st in Sparring as well as 3rd in Weapons.

There was a bit of a scramble at the beginning, he was being called to 2 rings at the same time, so he was running back and forth literally between Team Forms and Weapons in separate rings. He signed in at each ring, ran back to Weapons and performed, ran back to Team Forms and performed, ran back to Weapons for scoring, ran back to Team Forms for scoring, ran back to Weapons to place and then back again to Team Forms to place all within a few minutes. It was crazy insane pressure but he did amazing. The day sure went by quickly.


  1. Congratulations to your are going to have to build a new room soon for all his Trophies..:)

  2. Way to go Ben! The judges must have thought that
    you were your own twin. How can you be in two
    places at one time?

  3. Congrats!! It's nice when the kids excel in a sport they love! Even if they don't win trophy's we always told the boys to have fun!!