Monday, March 30, 2009

Government Services

Have you had a good experience dealing with government agencies or services. Today I went to apply for our passports. These will be required by June 1, 2009 for everyone wanting to cross the U.S./Canada border. Since our karate kid is competing almost every week at tournaments in the U.S. we needed to get this taken care of pronto. We have a small window of time before the next tournament so I thought if we had to surrender our birth certificates and be unable to cross the border, now was the time. So I went this morning, got a parking spot, paid for 2 hours parking and headed to the office. Let me tell you, they were so friendly, so fast , and so efficient. I forgot to fill out a part on one of the applications which required my hubby's signature, so we got the other two applications taken care of. Then I went to hubby's work (15 minutes away), got his signature, got back to my parking spot downtown, went back to the government office, and finished the application process. We even get to keep our birth certificates. I went back to my car and handed my parking receipt to an older couple who had just parked. I still had an hour left on that ticket! Wow, now that's service. Passports should be arriving at our home in a couple of weeks. I am very, very impressed.

1 comment:

  1. such a pain! but at least now its done, right?
    and good luck to your karate kid!