Monday, June 7, 2010


There is always someone out there that has got it worse. For those people my heart goes out to them. We are assessing the damages here from the recent flooding. We got 6" of water in our basement, most of which has gone down. It's kind of ironic that the thing that alerted us to the flooding to begin with was my sewing machine. The weight of the water had pushed the petal down and the sewing machine started running. Bob must have wondered why I was sewing at 2:00am and went to check. He was startled when he stepped into ankle deep water. Not knowing how to shut the machine off, he unplugged it. I went to bring it upstairs tonight thinking it would be fine and I could probably still use it. Nope. I plugged it in and it just runs and runs like a maniac. It won't stop unless it's unplugged. Freaky.
The smell is nauseating as we try to remove undamaged stuff to higher ground so that the clean up crew has less to worry about when they get in to do their thing. I can't wait to get that saturated carpet out. Hopefully we will get the water heater operational tomorrow. It is going to be a nightmare going through everything in the crawl space. There is 10 years of accumulated storage going on in there. Fun and games. Time to get back to it. Signing off for now.