Monday, June 22, 2009

Jon and Kate plus Eight

Though I don't regularly tune into watch this program, I occasionally catch a promo or see a tabloid blurb about the Gosselin family. So the burning question is: What is the big announcement to be revealed on tonight's episode?
A. Jon and Kate are going to get divorced.
B. They are going to cancel the show and work on their marriage.
C. The whole family is moving into the Dr. Phil house.
D. Kate's pregnant.
What's your guess?


  1. i hope the announcement is that they are quitting the show to work on their marriage

  2. i hope they decide that all of the focus on their relationship and family is causing more trouble than it's worth, and decide to stop the show.

  3. So sad to report that they are separating and have initiated legal procedings to end their 10 year marriage. It's not too late for Dr. Phil.