Thursday, September 3, 2009

Try this and see what kind of crazy list you come up with.

Go to and do a search. Type your first name and the word "needs" after it. Copy and paste (main part) what the top ten things Google says you "need"
Holly needs:
1-obedience to learn how to walk nicely on a leash
2-the loo
3-a Home
4-A Hero
5-voter approval
6-your vote to get organ donation on telly
7-to protect the football better
9-Her own TV show
10-to know


  1. Ohh fun!

    I need:

    to hit the reset key
    Hula Lessons
    to work on her posture
    your help
    a shrink
    to be isolated
    a home
    a hug
    a wardrobe change

    ok, several of this are spot on!

  2. LOL
    The Mad Hatter's Tea Party
    "needs to find herself again"

    That's it. My name is not a common spelling :-)

    If you want to see a funny pictorial instructions, check out my blog. I won't be around tomorrow for Friday Fun so I added it to todays post.

  3. That's fun! :)

    Here's mine..
    Alice needs
    1. Someone to dance with her
    2. another break
    3. help to make Moscow dream come true
    4. a new hobby
    5. Wonderland
    6. help to start dating
    7. more work (that's not true!!)
    8. a new true love
    9. more tea
    10. to find a job