Friday, February 13, 2009

Twice in one day

Tagged again!
Rules of tagging:
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2. Post these Rules in your Blog.
3. Write 7 Random things about yourself.
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5. Let each Person know they've been tagged.
Some random things about me:
1. I love amusement/theme parks and thrill rides.
2. I'm not fond of celebrating any kind of holiday.
3. I love the simple things in life, the song of a bird, a childs laugh, the changing of the seasons.
4. I quit smoking about 5 years ago.
5. I got my first apartment when I was 18.
6. I like most types of music, particularly Coldplay, Chris Daughtry, Lifehouse.
7. I have a good memory, its just short.
Look at who I tagged


  1. Very nice...sorry I wouldn't have tagged you again so soon but hadn't seen you'd already been tagged.

  2. Thanks ( I think :)) for the tag. I'm way behind but will get to it!