Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Whatcha Watching Wednesday

I just added a poll. Let me know which reality t.v. shows you like to watch. I think there are some more American Idol auditions tonight. Looking forward to the new season of Survivor coming up soon.


  1. Hi hollyzhobby. Thanks for your vote but I would need you to tell me which one have you voted (it was not mention in your comment). You might be the lucky winner to walk away with my postcards so I wouldn't want to miss you out eh. ;)

    PS: I'll vote for Bachelor! One more would be American Idol.

  2. Wednesdays I'm all about American Idol. I'm into the new Bachelor too but that's on Mondays! ;]

  3. i'm voting for amazing race :D
    and thanks for the comment about my puppy! he loves the attention, even if it's not in person!